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Bedroom Book Game

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Turn the page to a better sex life!

With Bedroom Book, you'll discover new and exciting ways to both give and receive pleasure. Moreover, by playing you'll be able tot urn your bedroom into the ultimate sexual playground; a place where you'll spend countless hours achieving greater levels of sexual fulfillment.

Note: In order to take full advantage of the activities on each page, make sure you first plan ahead by having items on hand such as ice cubes, flavored body toppings, blind folds, massage oils, and arousing objects such as your favorite sex toys. By doing so, the games will be more pleasurable and exciting.

Book includes 8 spinner games!

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This game definitely spices things up. Some things are out of my comfort zone, although I would do it if the spinner told me so, it gives you courage to do the things you don't think you can.

Anonymous - February 24 2015

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