Remote Control Waterproof Venus Butterfly Purple Remote Control Waterproof Venus Butterfly Purple

Remote Control Waterproof Venus Butterfly Purple

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The Remote Control Waterproof Venus Butterfly is made of high grade Silicone. The butterfly arouser is attached to a comfortable harness. The harness is fully adjustable to fit most waist sizes. A 2.25" 1.25" removable remote egg fits into the butterfly and is controlled by the Rubber-Cote remote control. The controller has seven functions of vibration, pulsation, and escalation. With a fifteen-foot range, your lover can send you soaring without touching you. Requires six watch size batteries and one 12V battery, two sets of each are included for your convenience.

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Happy husband

We love going out to clubs and I'll have the remote control and if she's talking to people or dancing with a guy I'll turn the vibration on and watch her face. Only thing is wish there was a way to tell what mode it's on

Anonymous - October 21 2016

remote control thong

they are ok, but don't take me over the edge but my husband loved what he got from me wearing them.

Anonymous - July 6 2016

Being in charge is the best

Remote control bullets is totally where it's at. I'm in charge of when it's time for my wife to cum. First i use the low vibration, and when i see on her face she's ready to cum, i crack it up to the strongest setting.

Anonymous - March 21 2014

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