Lovin Lamb Inflatable Love Doll Travel Size Lovin Lamb Inflatable Love Doll Travel Size

Lovin Lamb Inflatable Love Doll Travel Size

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Wooooooeeeee! You've just wrangled your very own Lovin' Lamb! Any old time ewe're in the mood for a roll in the hay, she'll be yer barnyard babe! Ewe'll be singing E-I-E-I-OHHHH till the cows come home! The Lovin' Lamb always satisfies and darn tootin' if she ain't the life of the hootenanny!

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  • Release Date: December 30, 2008

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Ewe gotta LOVE 'er!

I had one of these many years ago, & used her dozens of times, 'till one of her seams finally gave out. For the price, her pussy was quite comfortable and very snug. I found I always climaxed very easily and heavily inside her. Pro's: small size means quick, easy inflation/deflation, easy cleaning and storage, low price.
Con's: single opening, shallow pussy does not retain semen well, causes mess.
Over all, I was quite pleased with her, and while other, more expensive dolls are a bit more durable, for the price, she is a great deal, and I would happily buy another!

Anonymous - April 6 2015

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