Wow Gentle O Clitoral Arousal Gel Wow Gentle O Clitoral Arousal Gel

Wow Gentle O Clitoral Arousal Gel

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Scientifically formulated to stimulate her most sensitive spot and heighten sexual pleasure for her. This thick water-based gel contains two vasodilators which bring blood to the surface of the skin and a hint of peppermint for a warming, tingling sensation. Available in two styles, the Max O provides and blend that is not only tingling and arousing but more intense and longer lasting than the Gentle O formula.

Intimate stimulation like touching or rubbing enhances the effectiveness of Wet wOw and with regular use, women have been known to scream OMFG WOW and declare a love for her partner that will last until the end of time or at least until the tingling sensation wears off, whichever comes first.

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don't have sex without it

Love this stuff. never, ever will i have sex without using this product. it heightens every part of your sex experience and the big O's are so intense and so much longer lasting. A must have for every women in my book

Anonymous - October 24 2014

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